Hitman: Chimera

(6.59 / Crime Fan Film) 2012

Cast: Richard Adam Reynolds, Lauren Parker, Evan Parker, Jay Lowe, Darren Maffucci, Jayne Hyman, Steve Askey, Lauren Marie

An untold story from Agent 47’s past.

A first Forey into fan films, I tried to give the piece a mature look and feel.
It has received some nice praise on YouTube, and it’s initial hits were quite satisfying, though it never quite hit viral status.

I also did a music video with our fave agent for my own version of Ave Maria,with Opera Singer Joanne Bellamy.

14th Oct
We’re closing in on an edit, it’s crazy the amount of work a short film can take, to look at it people will probably assume we did the whole film and finished it in a long weekend.
Most of the work in making films, no matter how big or small the budget or the length, is spent in post.
I’d say it breaks down roughly 40% preproduction/prep, 10% actual shooting on set, 50% post production.
This short personally has taken about 3 months to see through to fruition.
20121014-124912.jpgDan, Jayne & dwyz.

I’m currently writing the music for it, and I need 2 versions, 1 for the film, and 1 as a music release that I will be making available for download on iTunes.
Ever wondered what the software looks like that I score movies and write beats in looks like?
Heres Ave Maria work in progress, it gets terribly confusing haha. Darren uses the same setup to do all the foley.

I’m just as excited about the music as the film as I got my incredibly talented sister in to record her version of Ave Maria, a task she took on with gusto!
We reworked Schubert’s version which I believe was in 6/8 time to a more modern 4/4 so we could uptempo it a little and add a beat.

Joanne was amazing, she nailed 80% of her vocals on the 3rd take and had completely finished within 30mins. In fact I suspect that it’s inspired her enough to consider signing again as she took a long break to have babies🙂

Anyhoo, Spose I better carry on arranging this music, only 2 weeks to go eek!

8th Oct

Our Agent 47 played by Richard Adam Reynolds.
I’ve been obsessively crying into my milk for years now wondering why this poor artists short films are not seen by anybody on YouTube.
Whilst scouring for inspiration I stumbled across some fan films from popular video games that had massive views.

Right, firstly, these films (linked below) are brilliant.
They have taken their resource material and turned them into captivating short pieces of cinema that would still hold as much interest if they were wrapped up in an original concept. (Does such a thing exist anymore).

But, the big attraction for these film makers is they get to tap into an already existing fan base, so there is an entry level of interest in the subject matter that doesn’t have to be cultivated.
For film makers just starting out this is a real bonus as it leaves them free to concentrate on creating a great piece.

This is why I decided to make Hitman Absolution: Chimera.
At first I was thinking a fake trailer but me and Dan Brand got carried away whilst talking through his story ideas and we ended up with a 7 minute short film🙂

20121008-133025.jpg (Dan Brand, writer of Chimera)

Currently the film is edited, and we’re working on FX(Steve Askey), sound/foley(Darren Maffucci) and the music score(myself).

Now the interesting challenge is how to get these fans of the franchise to watch it so im currently working on a marketing campaign for it which will involve contacting all the gaming blogs and websites/forums and hoping it will be posted and shared.

Were releasing on YouTube on November 1st with the game dropping on Nov 20th so gives us a 2 week time period where interest will be at its highest.
Here are the YouTube fan flicks that inspired me.

And finally, my favourite, this one really inspired me to go for it.

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