Tomb Raider: Reboot

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(14.11 / Mystery Adventure Fan Film) 2013

Cast: Teya Simone, Alexandra Lyon, Dan Brand, Richard Lee O’Donnell, Richard Reynolds, Steve Askey

Lara Croft goes on a quest, looking for a new beginning.

13/02/2013 – Wahoo we bagged the edit yesterday so now moving onto the SFX, soundtrack and colour grading duties :-)

So to celebrate, it’s time to show you for the first time, a screen from the film.

Undisclosed location

Still on track to release the film on the 20th, and we’re having a screening on the 19th for cast and crew, so with only 6 days left I better get cracking on.

Heres a great example of the community supporting our film

Guns & Grapple interview with Jaden Morretti

Here’s my audio mix in full swing.
I concentrated on the power of storytelling through sound for this film, allowing space for the settings to breathe, just like the first few Tomb Raider games, hopefully sucking you into Lara’s world.

A look at the scoring / soundtrack process

A look at the scoring / soundtrack process

I’ll be making the soundtrack available for download.
I’m also pleased to have a contribution to the soundtrack from Darren Maffucci, a piece I heard last year and always admired so was honoured he agreed to let me use it.
Check out his other soundtrack work here –

Later in the week I will be revealing a brand new character from the film, just as a final teaser before its release, this character went through a gruelling training regime to be able to deliver his performance, pretty darn excited to show you guys :-)
OK, next update probably Friday, see you then, peace and progress, dwyz

05/02/2013 – We wrapped shooting this weekend, gives us 15 days roughly to finish the edit, FX and music and audio. EEK! We had a lot of fun on set, were all friends so everything runs smoothly, partly due to my military grade organisational skills and a well fed crew :-)

Teya, dwyz & Dan hard at work in their natural habitat.

We’ve been enthused and energised by a welcoming fan base that is the Tomb Raider community, it makes us even more determined to not let them down by working as hard as we can in the edit to deliver something they deserve.

Being a no budget project forces us to be creative by writing and filming within ourselves, but no way do we shirk from the responsibility of representing Lara and the franchise correctly, we’re champing at the bit to show you what we have done, but there’s not that long to wait now.

OK, here we introduce a couple of characters from the film.

Our guards in Time Crisis mode. Pic by Dan Lord.

Our guards in Time Crisis mode. Photo by Dan Lord.

You may recognise Richard? The guard at the front? Have a guess in the comments :-)
Steve Askey is also our FX guy, boy has he got his work cut out on this one haha.

Right, back to the edit suite for me, i’ll leave you with another stunning image of Teya Simone.
Holla below, peace & progress dwyz

Teya’s introspective Lara – (Dan Lord)


28/01/2013 – Our first days shoot saw us work with both our Laras, we’re proud to unveil Alexandra Lyon.

Alexandra Lyon is Lara Croft Rebooted for 2013

Makeup by Kym Chapman, Photo by Dan Lord

We had a fantastic weekends shoot, with everything going according to plan and maybe exceeding expectations apart from the last locale where it started raining and the filming area had been cordoned off by the police (ironically for illegal rock climbing) so we had to improvise.

We have 2 big scenes to film next weekend, and about a month of editing / scoring, hoping for a release online around Feb 20th.
Been thrilled to get some feedback from some of the friendly professionals associated with the game. This tweet was from Tomb Raiders writer, after she’d seen Teyas promo shot.
Rhianna tweet 1
And were very chuffed to have the support of Square Enix mastering manager, Jason Walker.
Jwalker tweet 1
OK, not too big an update, so for now just feast your eyes on the new Lara. Isn’t she amazing? Let us know what you think in the comments :-)



Our new short film is: Tomb Raider: Reboot
Introducing the amazing Teya Simone.

Tomb Raider: Reboot Poster

Photo by Dan Lord, Makeup by Kym Chapman

After the success of Hitman: Chimera, and a busy period showcasing our feature film, Zombie Hood, I was enthused enough to give this fan film lark another go, so I phoned Dan Brand up and within a week we’d written, cast and scheduled half the shoots.
Were proud to announce our new film – Tomb Raider: Reboot

We have 2 Laras in this film, but our new Lara, we wont reveal until we have shot her scenes, this coming weekend :-)
We have minimal time with this one, as the game is out March the 5th and would prefer to have it out a few weeks beforehand, so will update whenever there is time.

Here’s a look at an important prop from our film, Lara’s pendant. I’m not sure yet of its relevance, if any, in the game, Lara is not wearing it in the trailers when she is on the boat, but can be seen wearing it when on the island. Wether this is just a design decision or she finds the pendant is yet (to my knowledge) still to be revealed.

Lara’s Amulet / Pendant. By Dan Brand

The pendant is based on an Australasian design with rebirth/reincarnation symbology represented by the Phoenix. Please feel free to add knowledge / correct me in the comments, I’m no historian / archaeologist :-)

Here is Dan Brand with an overview on how he created the pendant prop.

‘To make the tomb raider pendant i used a substance called “Green-Stuff”.
Its a 2 part putty that sets hard within a couple of hours.
Firstly I made a small disc with the putty then carved the design into it.
Using a knife dipped in water I cut the holes into shape at the top and bottom of the design and then made a hole for the leather thong to go through.
After this I moved onto the painting and varnishing to make it look like jade.’

We were privileged to have the support of the games publishers, Square-Enix and games developer Io Interactive for Hitman: Chimera, who liked it enough that they tweeted it and posted it on Hitmans official Facebook page. So fingers crossed that Crystal Dynamics will like what we are trying to do with their franchise too, being a gamer fan, there is no better thrill :-)

What do you think to our Lara?
Please leave your thoughts and suggestions below.


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